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The Dzogchen Tantra Translation Project

Dzogchen Tantras are profound texts that can be difficult to understand, even for native Tibetan scholars. The Ka-Ter Dzogchen Tantra Translation Project employs three expert translators: Elio Guarisco, Adriano Clemente and Dr Jim Valby. This core translation team work continuously on translating Dzogchen Tantras collaborating regularly in order to review each others work to ensure the highest standards of accuracy possible.

Typically, one single text will take two to three years to complete. Each text is translated, checked, edited, and checked again at least ten times until it is ready for publication. Any remaining doubts are clarified by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu who works tirelessly to this end. Through this rigorous process of revision and clarification, the Shang Shung Institute can guarantee correct and precise translations of these texts of wisdom for the benefit of future generations.

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