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Adam Kadmon

Vice Presidency – Australia

My role as Vice President and as one of the directors is to provide leadership and support across all areas of SSIA, but more importantly to ensure that the SSIA develops strong connections with the Tibetan communities and organisations that are already operating within Australia. My initial focus however will be in assisting our team to develop and promote our Tibetan medicine and Tibetan language/translation programs, as well as to organise various Tibetan art and cultural events for the people to enjoy here in Australia. In general I already have a genuine interest in Tibetan medicine, language, and culture and it is this primarily that has imbued me with the energy and enthusiasm to contribute something towards the development of SSI activities here in Australia over the next few years. In fact I really do feel honored to have the opportunity to offer something by serving as a director on the SSI in Australia, and so to that end I hope that through this service I will be able to assist the founders of SSI (and us all) in realizing their vision throughout Australia and the world. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia with my loving and supportive partner. Of course like most of us I have many loves and passions – and amongst these in no particular order are – Tai Chi, Qigong, Singing and Dancing, Yoga, Awareness/Movement Studies, Mediation and non-Meditation, Relaxation, Reading, Art and Design, Music, Photography and Film, New Technologies, Communications, Consciousness Studies, Ontology/Metaphysics, Transpersonal Counselling, Dzogchen teachings, Tibetan Buddhism and Philosophy, Tibetan Art, Tibetan/Chinese/Sanskrit language, Tibetan Medicine, etc.

To contact me write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Carey Idle

Educational Programs Direction and Management - Australia

 I started my adventure in SSI in 2012 when I helped to establish Shang Shung Institute Australia, implementing the infrastructure and starting up the programs. Recently I have been more focused on helping coordinate the Australian aspect of the SSI Tibetan Medicine program based in the USA, establishing the Australian Tibetan Medicine Association. We plan to launch this in 2015. I have worked mainly in the field of complementary medicine and run a clinic practice on the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Oz. I feel very happy and honored to be working with SSI here in Australia. I feel it is a great opportunity to support and preserve the ancient wisdom of Tibetan culture. As is probably clear from the above, I have quite an interest in Tibetan Medicine and eastern therapies! I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and am also involved in music and disabilities work locally.  

To contact me write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Damien Pascoe 

Arts and Crafts Programs Direction and IT Management - Australia

Currently I have been heading the IT Dept for SSI Australia, which has mainly consisted of developing and maintaining our Website, in collaboration with many friends of mine!
I’ve also been running SSI Australia Art Department, which has involved coordinating Thangka art workshops with Tibetan Master Artist Karma Phuntsok. My main interest is in the preservation of Tibetan Culture. I have been studying Thangka Painting for a while under the guidance of Andy Webber and Karma Phuntsok and found much solace within the creation of thangkas, and the richness of their iconography.
Much of this translates to how I feel personally about working for Shang Shung Institute, as I believe Tibetan Culture has a lot to offer to modern people, be it from Tibetan Medicine, thangka painting or lectures on Tibetan history. Working in collaboration with Shang Shung Institute, one of my hopes is to help preserve the 5 Sciences. In the past I worked as a video editor/ animator, but now I have been studying for a while and working on websites. I live in a small country town in Queensland Australia, called Eudlo, weird name right?
The name itself is the Aboriginal term for “eels”, so you can see it’s a very cultural town!
Besides painting a fair bit, and working on websites, I love the Mighty Boosh, and most things with Noel Fielding in it, especially Luxury Comedy.

To contact me write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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